Charitable Gift Annuity Program

Give Yourself a Gift

Could you use more income? Would you like to help the Masonic Home in St. Petersburg? How about a big tax deduction? Are you avoiding selling an asset because you’d owe capital gains taxes? Well, now you can invest in a “charitable gift annuity” to benefit the Masonic Home that will help with all of the above.

With interest rates so small they are barely visible, it is difficult for retired brothers to keep the bills paid with only the income from their savings. Since too little interest is coming-in, spending principle becomes necessary and the scary prospect of running out of money before running out of years becomes very real. A charitable gift annuity is a way to guarantee income payments for the rest of your life – no matter how long you live.

How it works: You give a gift of cash, securities or other assets to the Grand Lodge Masonic Home. The funds go into an annuity that pays you a guaranteed interest rate (sample rates shown below) based on your age, your spouse or someone else you’d like to have income for life. The income payments come as long as you are alive and you receive a tax deduction immediately.

If you are retired and living off your savings, you have two things to worry about; your investment values crashing (again) and living longer than your money. A charitable gift annuity to benefit the Masonic Home will provide an immediate tax deduction, a decent return, zero volatility and the satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause that supports so many of our Brothers. So, please consider giving yourself a gift and help the Home to be there for all us in our dotage.

Source: American Council on Gift Annuities.

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